Monday, June 1, 2009

Tegan's first laser treatment, Payton's graduation, etc...

We traveled to Little Rock for a second time on Wednesday. We decided to bring Payton this time. We were a little hesitant to do this because he gets super car sick. But we packed a "puke bag" and hit the road. The drive there was long, but we arrived without any complication (or vomit).

Payton was a huge help! He fed Tegan so we would have to pull over and nurse.

We stayed at a hotel, which Payton loved! He got to swim in the pool with daddy and he really enjoyed sleeping in the king-size bed with us.

On Thursday morning, bright and early, we headed to the Children's Hospital. After showing up at the wrong place, we finally arrived where we needed to be and checked in with the front desk. If I haven't raved about the Arkansas Children's Hosital in previous blogs, let me do so now. The facility is perfect for children of all ages and adults alike. The staff is so accomodating. Everything is play-friendly. They have an amazing gift store full of everything a child would want, sick or not. There are waterfalls inside the lobby as well as outside in a play area. Both waterfalls empty into a pool full of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. I can only imagine that this money represents the wishes for health and long life tossed in by young children and parents who are visiting the Children's Hospital. Although this makes my heart ache, I am thankful that they, and we, have a place like this to come to.

After waiting in the lobby for thirty minutes or so, we were called back into the treatment room. The whole family was welcome, so Payton came too. Dr. Kincannon greeted us and introduced himself to Payton. He immediately commented on how light Tegan's birthmark had gotten and seemed surprised it had done so, as port-wine stains usually get darker with time. He scooped him up and talked to him in the funniest voice, even I chuckled. I am so thankful to have a doctor that is sooooo good with little ones.

He explained the simple procedure to again and asked if we'd like to feel the laser ourselves. "Sure," I said. He asked to see the inside of my wrist, and without fear knowing that my son was going to be zapped several times, I outstretched my arm. -Zapp- It was the tiniest sting, and I felt so much better knowing that it wasn't going to be terribly painful for Tegan. Richie got a zap too. Dr. Kincannon offered a zap to Payton, but he declined without a second thought.

We were all handed purple goggles to protect our eyes from the laser.

We laid Tegan on the table, his eyes were covered with a thick strip of gauze, and quickly the doctor gave him five zaps on the cheek, two zaps on his temple, and one above his hairline. He cried immediately, but I think he was more mad about the gauze over his eyes than the laser treatment. The zaps left round purplish-red marks.

Here are some pictures of the site just after treatment. What a brave boy he was!

These purple marks got darker, reaching their peak darkness on Saturday, but now have begun to fade. These are pictures of my baby today.

I am hopeful in this treatment, but I am putting my faith in God to do the majority of the work, which He already has begun to do. Look at the difference He has made in my baby's birthmark even before we started laser treatment.

As a newborn

At nearly 3 months!
God is Good!

Prior to leaving for Little Rock, we attended Payton's Kindergarten completion ceremony. Even though he will repeat Kindergarten at his new school, we are so proud of all he's accomplished! He's such a bright mind and I marvel at his creativity. His imagination is unmatched and I daydream of what he'll become when he grows up.

He has also lost his first tooth!! The tooth fairy was very generous, exchanging $5 for his tiny tooth.
So, thank you all for your prayers and continue to pray for our family! We love you! Until next time.


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